Ways to make powder room noticeable

It’s useful to have powder rooms in your home. But decorating them is often a hard work because of their small size. So there are a lot of people who prefer keeping them simple. They don’t know how to decorate this tiny room. Here are some ways to make these tiny rooms look bold and dramatic.
Now it’s time to attract attention to these tiny rooms and let them work in our favor. You can keep these limited spaces interesting by playing with color and texture instead of using white beige walls.

Some decorating ways

There are many cool ways to make it look fresh and modern. Focus on details that you choose to make them stand out, like shelves, sink or cabinet. You can highlight them by making a feature wall with paint color or patterned wallpaper.
Gain visual interest by using fixtures like mirror, light, faucet, and drawer pulls. Spend time on finding luxe finishes and unique equipment’s.
Tile work is another useful way for powder rooms and even for full-sized bathrooms. There are tiles in different cool shapes which you can use to make these spaces stand out. Patterned and colorful tiles could go with painted walls. Traditional neutral colored tiles could go well with pattern like herringbone, chevron, or basket weave.

Paint colors for powder rooms

When you want to choose color palette, first consider the feature wall. Whether you choose the color for a feature or an all-over wall, it’ll help you make the room stand out. There are directions for finding the perfect color.

Bright and Lively

If you are looking for lively and energetic spaces, bright colors are good choices. Rust orange and ochre can give the space a warm and inviting feel. While magenta or teal can bring a fashionable view to the space.
Keep the other colors more neutral when you work with these bright colors. Using neutral colors can ground the powder room.

Dark and noticeable
If you prefer dramatic space, it’s better to choose colors with depth. opt black walls, or deep plum or purple which give you gothic feel. There are other choices if you don’t like black. Cherry red and copper walls will give you that dramatic feel, too.

Natural prime
If you are one of them who wants to get a calming feel from the space, there are great colors give you the feeling. Choose powder blue, sage green, or taupe walls. These colors are taken from the elements in nature. A blush pink color gives a feminine touch to the space. It decorates the space in a subtle way. Master Painter is here to provide you services, whenever you decide to paint your powder room. We can paint a feature wall, or all-over color in no time. New paint gives you a new look and feel.

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