Suitable colors for autumn

You’ll experience happiness and sadness at the same time while saying goodbye to summer. Warm days and sunshine are always pleasant almost for all of us. But the end of summer brings the start of another favorite season, fall! You can breathe the start of fall in the air. The air will be cold and dry and you’ll find yourself reaching for a sweater. Fall brings pleasant feeling with it.
Your clothes, accessories and whatever exist in your wardrobe will reflect the season, so why you don’t change décor to match? It’s much easier than what you imagine. By changing the wall colors, you can cause a huge change in the spirit of your house.

Inspired colors

When you plan to choose a suitable color, the first thing you think about is how fall makes you feel. What comes to your mind when you think of the weather, your hobbies during fall, or even your clothes. For many of us, warm and cozy are words that come to mind. It means we mostly look for colors with warm tones, like red, orange, yellow, or brown.
Of course, using just warm tones is not a wise choice. We need some cooler colors to help balance it out. You’ll take a look out for some inspiration. Watching warm colors in leaves, and at the same time cooler tones in the bark on trees, the sky on gray days can help you a lot.
Consider how you use each room and what kind of feeling you have when spending time there. Then you think about their colors. Fall colors are suitable for rooms where people come together more like living and dining room, or a family room.

Six suitable colors for fall

Although changing everything around us like leaves can be a good inspiration, we’ve gathered some lively colors to help you get inspired.


What’s more pleasant than a cup of coffee on a cool morning in fall? Nothing for sure. Mocha is a type of brown with creamy look on it. It creates a great backdrop for highlighting brighter colors in your surrounding.
It’s an attractive color which adds warmth to your space and at the same time gives you a tone of flexibility. It works well with fall oranges, reds, and yellows and it also matches well with colors from every season. So by changing some furniture’s, you can give your space a new look during the year.


It’s always a perfect option for walls while having a warm effect on mind, too.
It’s exactly what you want when you plan to spend cozy time at home. It matches well with neutral wood tones, brown and yellows. It can be a good symbol of fall. It can matches spring well by adding pink and creamy beige.


You are looking for a dramatic color? Definitely, we suggest you eggplant. This color with purple shade brings drama to any room in your house. It’ll be great for rooms which used for entertaining like dining and living room. It matches well with olive green, dark wood tones, and soft neutrals like gray or creamy white.


And if you are looking after some bright colors, ochre is a great choice. It’s a type of reddish-yellow earth color. We suggest a slightly more yellow tone while keeping a neutral clay earth tone.
It matches well with darker colors such as gray or dark brown. By pairing ochre with light gray and yellow, you can lighten it up a bit.

It’s a great choice for those who prefer keeping things simple. It’s a neutral color for all walls. It’s like white but with depth. It can be a good backdrop for light shades of blue, gray, green, and brown. If you want to add extra warmth to it, a creamy white with a hint of yellow can be a great choice.

Fall is not quite like red but a bright, fiery red wall can feel a bit overwhelming, mostly in smaller spaces. For a more comforting feeling, try something which reminds you of your favorite red wine. This berry red has depth and is lively but it’s not distracting at all. It matches well with beige, creamy white, blue, and yellow.
What you feel after looking at those gorgeous fall colors? If you are ready to bring fall color into your home, Master Painter is here to give you a hand. We’re ready to help you in choosing the best colors which give you a comforting room. Our goal is your satisfaction.

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