Home preparation for exterior painting

If you are looking for a great way to update the outside look of your home, try exterior painting. It can make your home look like new. However, it’s an essential part in maintaining your home. Exterior painting highly depends on the weather where you live. It may needs refreshing every 5 to 10 years based on types of weather.
A little bit of preparation work is required for exterior painting. There are some crucial steps and it’s important not to skip them. These steps can help you be sure that your paint job lasts for many years. The first and most important step in outdoor painting prep is pressure washing.

Pressure washing
Why is it important to pressure wash before starting to paint? It will help you to have a clean surface to paint over. It removes dirt and dust from the building. It ensures you to get better coverage. It also removes flaking and loose paint that you want to get rid of them. If you don’t clean the surface before painting, the paint won’t bond to the surface. And dirt on the surface could loose and take the fresh paint off.
First, you’ll need to get a pressure washer. If you don’t want to buy one, you can rent one from a hardware store. You should notice that pressure washers have different pre
sure ratings. It is important to stand enough back from the walls while working, so you won’t damage the surface.
Another tip to consider is the time. You should make sure the surface has enough time to dry. So do it a bit sooner before painting. Two days is an ideal time, but you can do it up to a month before painting

Next steps in exterior painting preparation
After pressure washing all the surfaces, there are some other steps in order to get your home ready for painting.

1.Repairing damaged surfaces
Walk around the curb of the house and take note damaged areas. Damaged areas could include different surfaces such as wood, metal, masonry, or stucco. Fill holes and make them smooth after they’re dry.

2.Removing any loose paint
If you notice some spots with loose paint after pressure washing, you can use a sandpaper or scraper to remove them. In order to make clean up easier, you can first put a drop cloth down.

3.Repairing trim
Whenever you observe gaps between the house and the trim around the doors and windows, you can fill them with exterior caulking. You’ll be able to find exterior caulking at home improvement store.

4.Covering doors, windows, and lights
Before becoming ready to paint, covering these parts is the last step. You can tape off surfaces which there is no need to paint them in order to keep them nice and smooth. And if you’re using a sprayer to paint, you can cover them with plastic sheets.
As you see, exterior painting requires a bit of preparation work. Although it takes time ,it’s worth it. If you notice timing well, you’ll definitely get the best result. These steps all show that why you should hire a professional painting company.
Working with Master painter, you won’t have to worry about anything. We’ll observe every preparation work and take care of everything. Our experts at Master Painter know how to do all prep work properly and quickly. And you just enjoy your painted home .We’re ready to help you as soon as you decide to change the decoration of your home.

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