Creating focal points in living room

What’s a focal point? It’s a core design feature which relates to interior design. It’s common these days and the number of people who are interested in it, is increasing. Focal point isn’t just in interior design, it’s in other fields like art, fashion and photography. So what’s its exact meaning?

Generally, it means the point in a photo, a room, or a key piece of cloth that attracts attention. In an interior design, it’s part of a room which you notice first because it’s more dramatic than the other parts. Imagine you walk into a plain white room. If there’s a large window that you’ll notice first, so that’s the focal point.
What’s the importance of focal point in a living room? It helps to center the space. If there’s no focal point in a room, all smaller elements will be like clutter. It’s an important element in any room which you need to consider at the time of decorating.
You can have more than one focal point in your living room. There are few elements in some living rooms which draw the eyes in by creating focal points. For example, if there’s a picture window on one wall, a fire place on the other, and a cool sofa in a living room, there’s no necessity to choose just one of them. Consider how they all can work together to highlight. At first when you enter a room, you may just notice one, but when you sit, the focal point will shift to other parts. It can be as simple as coloring the space or arranging the furniture.

Some ideas for focal points in living room

You know what’s focal point now. But how can you find them in living room? Take a look at elements which are built in it. Consider walls, first. Full walls are the best options. Mostly living rooms have one or two of them without any doorway or closet. Wallpaper, painting, or using objects like art and mirror are some ways for highlighting walls.
Another example of built element is a fireplace which can be a good focal point. You can use paint or different finishes to make the fireplace stand out. By putting TV or a piece of artwork above the fireplace, you can make it Stand out even more. These are called natural focal point because they break up solid wall and create some texture.
Windows can be focal points, too especially large window or windows with great views. Your task will be easy if the window in your living room is exactly at the opposite end of the space from the doorway. If there is a smaller window, you can use it as a feature wall or place a piece of furniture in front of it to make it stand out. Focal points aren’t always built elements. Sometimes they’re determined by function. Function means how you’ll use the room. These are furniture’s you want to stand them out in your living room. Imagine you have a large screen TV and you want to stand it out. You can set up your furniture in a way to face it and add interesting objects around it. You can put it on top of a shelving unit and add some decorative things below it.

Dramatic walls as focal points

Another way to create a focal point is by painting a wall with a bold color. First you should choose the wall you consider as a focal point. Then paint other walls with a toned-down, natural color. It can be a plain wall that you make it noticeable with cool wallpaper or with using bright color that highlights a piece of art.
How can you choose the perfect color for feature wall? You can take a look at your favorite items in the room and choose a shade which compliments the colors in the items. If there is built element or shelving in your feature wall, you should decide whether you want to paint them in a different color or to blend in a little more.
When there are more than one focal points in your living room, it’s better to keep the wall that catches the eye immediately, more muted. On the other hand, you can use bold colors for other focal points that you want people to notice.
Whenever you’re ready to create focal point in your living room, Master Painter is ready to help .We can suggest you the best ideas after considering your space. We try to decorate it in the best possible way.

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