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Finish your bathroom decorating scheme perfectly with bathroom tiles that not only add character but seal and protect the space from water. From seamless floor-to-ceiling combinations to statement splashbacks, take a look at these bathroom tile ideas that make a splash…

Tile Mountain

Add vintage pattern

Mixing old and new elements is a major bathroom trend right now and so these exquisite star design tiles look just the ticket when teamed with a modern standalone bath. We love how the encaustic aged-look tiles are repeated and highlighted with ambient lighting within the cut-out wall shelf. 

Walls and Floors

Take two-tone to the bathroom

It had to be only a matter of time before two-tone wall effects migrated to wetter climates! Yes, the popular effect looks just as jazzy in the bathroom and has the same space-enhancing magic in small bathrooms. Add an extra dose of character with interesting tile shapes like these Pickett Bevelled tiles.

Topps Tiles

Try out texture

Add a touch of tactile interest to your bathroom with subtle 3D structure tiles. These ultra-chic rectangle tiles are inspired by fluted glass which was popular in the Art Deco era. The muted green colourway and matt finish make them look as soft as suede. 

Walls and Floors

Inject Moroccan flavour

Bathrooms are great rooms to have fun with. A geometric pattern in warming colours creates a striking kaleidoscope design that will make a beautiful and exotic backdrop. Balance the bold design with a white suite or continue the drama with rich royal blue and terracotta toned additions.

Original Style

Play with pattern

Global geometrics are a hugely popular interior trend right now and offer great scope for playing with colour and pattern. These diamond design pattern tiles create a majestic splashback when offset with exotic and earthy green tones. 

Walls and Floors

Tile the bath too

Give your bathroom a seamless look that maximises space by continuing bathroom wall tiles onto the bath surround. You can buy tileable bath panels to make the job simple and the finished effect is watertight and coherent to professional standards. 

Walls and Floors

Go for green

Go for an earthy and luxe look with textured green tiles teamed with metallic finishes and Art Deco shapes. The glossy glazed finish of these tonal brick-effect tiles brings the intimate bathroom to life with an organic and funky retro twist. 

Topps Tiles

Opt for gloss

Not only are glossy tiles great for keeping clean but when chosen in rich colours like this glorious peacock blue they fill your bathroom with personality. The light-reflecting surface helps to maximise space and so you can go to town with a maximalist bathroom style that looks luxurious. This striking bathroom ticks so many trend boxes, including stylish storage.

Grout up a grid

Make mosaic wall tiles modern again with a monochrome grid look. These matt white tiles are large format mesh tiles so incredibly easy to apply. The jet black grout makes the design statement pop when teamed with an ultra-contemporary block coloFeature the floorr basin. 

Tile a garden of Eden

This hexagon collection of nine different patterns creates a subtle patchwork of trailing nature toned leaves and florals that awaken the senses and come to life. It looks as though you are showering in amongst a real woodland glade.

Work it like wallpaper

Create a feminine country vibe with floral patterned tiles that can have the same overall effect as a pretty patterned wallpaper. This blue leaf repeat is attractive proof that bathroom tiles don’t always need to be contemporary and glossy if you prefer softer and more traditional looks. 

Have fun with hexagons

Hexagon or honeycomb-shaped tiles can give monochrome-colored bathroom tiles subtle and stylish interest. The six-sided shape makes an eye-catching pattern on both walls and floors and the geometric design looks chic highlighted with a contrasting grout color. 

Feature the floor

Make the floor centre stage in your bathroom with an interesting pattern that brings in the nostalgic beauty of Victorian baths. Don’t worry if you think an intricate pattern is a hassle to lay as a lot of authentic-looking designs now come on mesh backs for easy tiling.

Think pink

Learn the power of pink decorating. From soft blush to deep rose-pink hues, pink can create sweet vibes when teamed with white or perhaps you might prefer it as a trendsetting staple when laid in a geometric pattern and offset with contemporary black fixtures. Whichever bathroom tile design you choose pink is certainly a shade to watch. 

Go for grown-up glam

Statement tiles look super chic when tiled all over. This lily pad tile is ‘Insta famous’ right now and we can see why. Cascading on all walls, the artisan-style pattern in soft aqua hues gives this petite bathroom wow-factor when teamed with warm wood and industrial black fixtures.

Calm in cream

Match wall and floor tiles right and the rest of the bathroom will come together easily. The key is to maintain a balance. Here, creamy-textured wall tiles, as a change from the classic white, blend almost seamlessly with the bathroom suite while a wood vanity gently warms the space. 

Talk up terrazzo

The bathroom is a room you can afford to be brave, so don’t be afraid to mix colour and pattern to your heart’s desire. On-trend patterned terrazzo tiles warm with retro spa glamour when teamed with glossy earthy shades and indoor plants. 

Make for metro brights

Can the trusty metro tile get any better? With colour, they can. Metro tiles have been popular for a long time as they are smart, clean and fresh. And now the classic subway tile has been given a modern makeover with a burst of color too. This striking sunshine tone lifts the small bathroom and looks vivid set against a dark floor and white suite. Why not try a contrasting grout to bring out the structural brick layered effect?

Balance bold pattern

For those who love strong color and pattern, geometric designs on walls and floors are striking and create a retro twist. Choose complementary muted colors and minimalist bathroom furniture to balance the scheme or it could end up looking cluttered and chaotic rather than cool and contemporary.

Make a splash

Where else would fish scale style tiles work better than in the bathroom? Taking its inspiration from the sea the Art Deco-style shape and inky blue hues of this pattern bring timeless looks and modern chic perfectly together. 

Fake an effect

Natural wood is a great decorative choice in any room but not so practical in humid and moist bathrooms. However, there are ways to bring in the texture without the water damage by faking the look. Wood-effect tiles create the same warmth and rustic vibe and are made from glazed porcelain so are easy to clean and are waterproof. 

Set out for seamless looks

Choose the same bathroom tiles for both walls and floors for a harmonious flow that maximises space. Large-format tiles will make sure the surfaces are uninterrupted with minimal joins and grout. A subtle pattern such as these soothing grey marble markings adds delicate depth and luxe character. 

Highlight an alcove

Decorative bathroom tiles can work like wallpaper to create a statement or highlight a feature to great effect. This trailing blue Wisteria design looks like a waterfall splashing down into a luxurious silver pool-like bathtub. Navy blue walls create a dramatic and elegant finish in this stately house vintage-style bathroom scheme.

Soothe with pastels

Pastels are so versatile in a bathroom, they work with edgy blacks and greys for a strong and contemporary look but also looks divine when teamed with pale wood and white fixtures for a refreshing Miami vibe that’s hard to resist.

Love large format

Make your bathroom the talking point amongst guests and get that luxurious look with bathroom tiles that look like a watery lagoon. These large-format, polished tiles in blue take on the appearance of oceans waves that is soothing and oceanic. A built-in floating vanity and barely-there shower adds to the contemporary scene.

Repaint existing tiles

If you don’t have the time or budget to re-tile a bathroom, why not upcycle and makeover existing tiles with a lick of specialised tile paint? This small yet sleek bathroom owned by The Painted Hive used to be beige and boring. But now fresh white wall tiles and a blue pattern statement floor makes the space look bright and beautifully refreshed. 

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