Advantages of vinyl siding

This type of painting is always a popular option for the outdoor painting of many homes.
It has classic look and is quite inexpensive. One of the reasons for choosing this type is that it is low-maintenance.It’s long- lasting, too. With the passage of time ,you may notice your vinyl siding is getting a bit dull or maybe you get tired of it. The good news is, it’s recovered to look like new. Only it needs some paint.

Repainting versus replacing
Painting your vinyl siding is pretty budget-friendly in comparison with replacing it. Replacement which includes take down and installation costs usually around 15-20%more than painting. So the cost is one of the main benefits of choosing to paint instead of replacing. Even if you know you’ll need to replace it soon, you still prefer to use it a few years more. By adding extra layer of protection, painting can extend its life a bit. If your siding is in good shape, it’s also an inexpensive option. If you can use it for many years, so why you throw it away?
On the other hand, if it is really damaged or requires new insulation, replacing is a better choice.

Painting and repairing vinyl siding

Although many people think when color comes to vinyl, they’re stuck with it forever, it’s quite easy to paint. It’s not too different from other exterior parts. As long as you decide to prepare everything, you’ll do it without any problem or difficulty.

Step one: Check it for damage
Before starting, it’s better to assess the state of your siding. You should look for any signs of damage which includes holes, warping ,and cracks. If it’s less damaged, you can repair it before painting. Though if you are not sure, you can ask for information from professionals because it’s their job and they’re experienced enough.

Step two: Right paint to choose
Formerly, there were limited options for vinyl siding. But recently, there are more variety because of the advances in paint technology.
If you want to choose a water-based color that can be used with vinyl, choose one which is safe. Ask the company about the colors they have available for vinyl. Choosing the wrong color can damage your siding. For instance, some brands give you the option of choosing darker paints.
It can be great for those who prefer neutral tones. Beach colors can be great options to bring summer feelings all year long. Instead of bringing sand indoors which is messy, you can get the same vibes by adding colors like white, ivory, pale gray and beige.

Step three: Preparing surface
The vital clue for catching a great coat of paint is to start painting with a clean surface. Removing any mold, mildew and debris from the surface is our goal in this step. Mix up a cleaning solution and scrub it away by the use of soft brush, then rinse it off. Make sure the siding is completely dry before you start to paint.

Step four: Start painting
In many cases, you can start painting without any primer, but you may need to start with primer for a suitable coverage. If you are ready to apply your color, we suggest you to start with two coats to ensure the best result. Before starting the next coat, give the first one enough time to dry. Avoid painting in direct sun.
When the second coat is dry, take another look for any spots which are still left. Perhaps you decide to cover them with another full coat.
If you do all the preparation work well, painting vinyl siding can give your home a new look while you can save a bit your money. Exterior painting definitely is not an easy or unimportant task Master painter is ready to help. We’re experienced and skillful enough at exterior painting as well as interior one.

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