10 easy DIY projects to spruce up your home

Paint the front door

This project is the perfect way to make a great first impression on every person who crosses your threshold, so get your paintbrush out and give your home instant kerb appeal. Whether it’s just another coat of trusty black paint to keep things looking slick, or perhaps a vibrant cherry red to shake things up, a touch-up makes all the difference. You could even update your hardware too – a new knocker or letterbox can be the secret to a fabulous new front door.

Make a room feel bigger

Sure, we’d all love more space in our homes. However, short of an expensive extension, it’s not always possible. Cheat your way to a capacious interior by creating the illusion of more space instead. You can achieve this by choosing a lighter shade for your walls, painting your ceilings white to elongate them and adding plenty of large mirrors to reflect light. While you’re at it, tidy away any messy piles of belongings you haven’t got around to putting away – a cluttered room always looks smaller. Use your space wisely and don’t fill it with too much unnecessary furniture.

Makeover a fireplace

If you’re lucky enough to have a hearth in your home, remember that it’s not just a feature for winter. They can add character and joy to your home all year round, so why not give your fireplace a little update?

From whitewashing the bricks and painting the mantel to fitting a beam or decorating a faux fire, there are plenty of ways you can freshen up a hearth. 

Update the bathroom 

If your bathroom is the biggest bugbear in your home, don’t despair. Yes, a total refit is a costly job, but some small changes can completely transform your scheme from an outdated washroom to a boutique spa-inspired space in just one weekend.

A pristine bathroom is imperative, whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply kick back and relax. Give the grouting and the tiles a deep clean to ensure the place is sparkling. If only the wet areas are tiled, think about introducing a splash of paint, or look at dark, moody waterproof wallpapers for a dramatic touch.

Freshen up your space by treating yourself to some new towels for that luxury hotel vibe and bring in fresh flowers or green plants. Some funky blinds, candles, a cool bath mat and even some new taps can easily bring new life to a tired room. 

Tackle niggling DIY jobs

We’ve all got various little jobs around the house that need doing, so why not get them sorted in one fell swoop over the bank holiday weekend? 

Tie up any loose ends and put up those shelves, finally hang those curtains and screw in that wardrobe door that’s come loose.

Perhaps you have a collection of picture frames in the spare bedroom waiting to be hung – now’s the time to get them up on your walls.

Wallpaper a wall

Reignite a tired room with colour, pattern and even texture! Yep, wallpaper is one of the most useful tools when it comes to restyling your home.

Install a porch light 

Lift your entrance with some subtle lighting, whether it’s a hanging porch light, some solar-powered ground lights in your driveway or some cute hanging lanterns. Don’t stop there either, head around to the back garden and install fairy lights, hurricane lanterns, a chiminea and even a firepit.

Refresh your hallway

It’s the most used space in the house, but how often do you pay attention to your hallway? Give it the love it deserves with a little overhaul this weekend. Could you add some arty floor tiles perhaps, or build a wall-mounted storage unit to neatly organise wellies and coats? A smart rug, some cool wall art or even a chic mirror can transform a hardworking hallway in no time at all.

Tidy up your garden

Our gardens have taken on a whole new level of importance over the past year and a half, and with summer on the horizon and restrictions easing, it’s time to turn your attention outdoors once more.

Show your outside space some love this weekend and prep it for the warmer, longer days ahead. This could be as simple as hiding any unsightly features, such as bins and gas metres, or investing in some willow lattice screens to create your own private oasis.

Add some colour by introducing a few vibrant pot plants or even some pretty climbing flowers along a vacant rear wall. Give your shed or garden fence a once-over as well – could it do with a wash or another coat of paint?

Don’t forget to sweep the patio or decking and mow the grass too. You can be sure your barbecue guests will notice!

Have a big sort out 

Channel Marie Kondo and challenge yourself to a big clear-out this weekend. To misquote the great designer, William Morris, throw away anything that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

Mess is bad for the home and for the mind, so use the bank holiday to finally declutter your home for good and establish a clear organisation structure. Getting started is often the hardest part, so just take it room by room and you won’t feel overwhelmed. 

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